Snaefridur Svassadottir

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Name Snaefridur Svassadottir    
Name Snøfrid (Snæfríður) Svåsedotter    
  • She was King Harald's fourth wife of six. He fell madly in love with the beautiful daughter of the Finn, Svasi, who the king had allowed to set up his tent on a slope of the hillside near Thoptar in the Oppland district. Children: Sigurd Rise Halfdan Gutroth Rognvald Haraldsson Rettilbeine She died but Harald believed she would come back to life as she retained her color. Finally, after 3 years the corpse was corrupt and burned. But before her body became livid, all kinds of worms, adders, frogs and toads and vipers crawled out of it.

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