Ann Sinnamon

Claim Value Date Age Reliability
Residence Aghafad, Longford, Ireland [ 53 ] 1864
Birth Cookstown, Pomeroy, Tyrone, Northern Ireland [ 2 ] [ 53 ] Sep. 12, 1864
Christening [ 53 ] Oct. 4, 1864
Marriage David Orr Doran (~1857-1939), Pomeroy, Pomeroy Church Of Ireland, Tyrone, Northern Ireland [ 53 ] Sep. 7, 1893
Death Reascor, Dungannon And South Tyrone, Tyrone, Northern Ireland [ 53 ]
Cerebral Thrombosis
Primary Role: Ann Sinnamon
May 19, 1938
Claim Value Date Age Reliability
ID I138      
User ID Reference E90D13FEC0D643029D06C44C33CB797480DE      
User ID Reference L8HR-STR      
Gender Female Gender    
Name Ann Sinnamon
Nickname: Annie
  • IGI: Batch C701237, serial sheet 4298

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