Sandra Sawchuk

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  • Hi David, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. It was nice to hear from you again. I'm very sorry about the death of your sister. News on my end. I remarried in January. His name is Mike Maasch - mostly Irish Catholic. Added his two daughters to the mix - Hannah (8) and Jillian (4). We bought a new house and moved too (4569 American Way, Cottage Grove WI 53527). He is a law enforcement officer so he keeps us in line ;-). I'm getting to meet all his family gradually - very large - and all are very welcoming. Living here in Wisconsin has kept me very isolated from my family so it is nice to have some familiar folks around - even if in-laws! I'm still at the Veterinary School in Madison, doing TV and radio and speaking nationally for Friskies Pet Care - all weekend travel but it is fun and helps pay the mortgage! I can't tell you how often I refer to the family info you sent me. It is so nice to know about the family past. I can't believe the work that you put into gathering all the data. Please keep in touch with me if you find out anything new - or if there is anything that I can do on my end to help you out!
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