Email correspondence between Ida Reed and Turtle Bunbury (March 19, 2010)

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  • Source Citation: "Email correspondence between Ida Reed and Turtle Bunbury (March 19, 2010)".
  • From: Robert Reed <[email redacted]> Date: 19 March 2010 17:52:40 GMT To: Turtle Bunbury <[email redacted]> Subject: Family tree Hi Turtle, I came across a lengthy letter from Lawrence Bunbury written in 1983. He was the son of George John and the nephew of Kathleen Susan Miller. Lawrence and his wife visited us from Canada in 1983. This letter contains info which will; be of interest to David Prout. I am happy to photocopy it and sent it to David if you wish to give me his address. I have also found out that Woodville is surrounded by fencing and a county council dump. Love, Ida -- Canon R. C. Reed Head Resident Master Wesley College Dublin 16 Precentor St Patrick's Cathedral Dublin 8 +353 1 299 1140

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