Hakon Gjotgardsson

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Death Strongfjorden, Norway
Note: There is considerable discussion relative to the husbands date of death. Ther eaarlier compilations set his death at near the year 870 A.D., but subsequent compilers are inclined to accept a later date very near the year 920 A.D.
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Name Hakon Gjotgardsson    
Title Earl, Hladir
Burial Fjaler, Sogn Og Fjordane, Norway
  • He and Harald "Fairhair" were the two greatest men in Norway. His daughter Ase married King Harald and the King conferred great honors upon Haakon. His sons Grotgarth and Herlaug fell in a battle of King Harald's with King Arnvith. Harald later set Haakon over the Fjord District, and Haakon told Earl Atli to leave Sogn and go back to being Earl at Gaular Dale as before. They quarreled and gathered armies and met at Fjalir in Stafness Bay where Haakon was killed in battle and Earl Atli was mortally wounded. He was once a foe of Rognvald Eysteinsson of Moer, but they reconciled their differences.

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