Henry de Bonebury

Claim Value Date Age Reliability
Birth est 1135
Death [ 31:48 ]
alive during the reign of King Stephen
aft 1135
Claim Value Date Age Reliability
ID I9820      
User ID Reference 10D75848904D4C5DA033EF2DC545B9D08F62      
Gender Male Gender    
Name Henry de Bonebury    
Title 1st Baronet of Bunbury, Bunbury, Chestershire, England [ 31:51 ]
  • temps. King Stephen. King Stephan reigned from 1135-1153. signature was a fleur de lis
Number Same As Name Reliability Path

1 Total Ancestors
Generation 1
[1.01   ]   Henry de Bonebury (~1135->1135)
Generation 2
[1.02*  ]   _____ Bonebury (~1120-)

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