Margreta Ingesdatter Fredkulla

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Name Margreta Ingesdatter Fredkulla    
Burial Roskilde Cathedral, Roskilde, Denmark
  • At the end of the century 1000 came Inge, Margrete Fredkulla's father in battle with Norway and the King Magnus III Barfoot about some land west of Veneren lake. Magnus attract but lost against Inge's people. As a guarantee for peace, the Swedish King Inge gave his daughter, Margrete Fredkulla to the Norwegian King Magnus III Barefoot. Magnus III Barefoot was very happy "in love" with his Swedish wife so he went out in battle and took different land in war that was Orkenoyene, Hebridene and Isle of Man. Magnus III Barefoot took part in the war against Dublin and so to Ulster where he was killed in an attack. Margaret became a widow and then married again with a new Danish King Niels. They had a child Magnus that became the next Kind of Denmark.
Number Same As Name Reliability Path

11 Total Ancestors
Generation 1
[1.01  2]   Margreta Ingesdatter Fredkulla (1085-1130)
Generation 2
[1.02  3]   Inge I the Elder, King of Sweden, Stenkilsson (1050-1112)
[2.01  4]   Helena Torildsdatter Blot Sven (1070-1134)
Generation 3
[1.03  5]   Stenkil Ragnvaldson (1025-)
[2.02   ]   Torild Tortilsson (1020-1065)
[3.01  6]   Ingamoder Edmundsdottir (~1023-1066)
[4.01*  ]   Cecelia (1020-)
Generation 4
[1.04*  ]   Regenwald,, son of Wulf (~1005-1060)
[2.03*  ]   Totil `Sugi` Thordsson (~1015-)
[3.02*  ]   Anund Jacob Kolbränne Olofsson, Svensk konge (~1005-1052)
[5.01*  ]   Astrid Olofsdotter Njalsdatter (1005-1066)
[6.01*  ]   Gunnhildr Sveinsdottir `Queen of Denmark` Hlaoir (994-1060)

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