Harald Gille Magnusson, IV

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Title King
  • In 1129 Harald Gille (Gillekrist) came to Norway from Ireland with his mother and declared he was a son of King Magnus Barefoot. It was known that King Magnus had a mistress inIreland. King Sigurd said he could submit to the ordeal of fire to prove his birth, but that he could not claim the kingdom in King Sigurd's or his son Magnus's lifetime. Harald agreed and walked over 9 glowing plowshars with bare feet. Three days later his feet were examined and found unburned and the king recognized him as a brother. When King Sigurd died the following year, his son Magnus, who hated Harald, summoned a Thing at Oslo and was proclaimed king. Harald broke his promise and called a Thing and had his followers proclaim him king of half the country. Negotiations with Magnus gave him that half due to Magnus's lack of followers. After 3 peaceable years they battled at Fyrilief in Viken and Magnus won. Harald escaped by ship and sailed to Denmark where King Erik gave him the province of Halland infief. Harald returned with his forces and took Magnus prisoner at Bergen. Harald had his thralls put out Magnus's eyes, cut off a foot, and otherwise mutilate him. After six years Sigurd Slembe came to Norway and claimed to be a son of King Magnus Baredfoot. Harald would not acknowledge him and was slain by a conspiracy of his court-men and Sigurd while sleeping with mistress, Thora Guttormsdatter. --- Lenderman Halkel Huk, of More, met Harald in the South Hebrides. Harald had come from Ireland with his mother. He claimed to be a son of King Magnus Barefoot. Halkel took Harald and his mother back to Norway and brought them to King Sigurd. Sigurd told Harald that he would allow him to undergo trial by ordeal, to prove his claim of being Magnus' son, on the condition that Harald would not claim the kingdom while Sigurd or his son, Magnus, was alive. Harald took an oath agreeing to this. Harald then walked barefoot over nine glowing hot plowshares. This was the greatest ordeal ever made in Norway. However, his feet were found to be unburnt, when they were checked three days later. Sigurd then declared that Magnus was Harald's father. However, Magnus Sigurdson hated Harald. Sigurd then got all the people to take an oath to accept Magnus as king, after he died. "Harald Gille was a tall, slender-grown man, of a long neck and face, black eyes, and dark hair, brisk and quick, and wore generally the Irish dress of short light clothes. The Norse language was difficult for Harald, and he brought out words which many laughed at." (Saga of Sigurd the Crusader ...) One evening, Harald told his footboy to go prepare his bunk, on King Sigurd's ship and wait for him. The boy did as he was told. Then he went to sleep in Harald's berth, while waiting for him. Svein Rimhildson then came and complained about having to share space with a servant. The boy said that Harald had ordered him to be there. However, Svein hit the boy, on the head, with his riding whip, until the boy's blood flowed. The boy then went to Harald and told him what happened. Harald immediately went to ship and struck Svein's hands with a pole axe. Svein then gathered his friends and took Harald prisoner. They were going to hang him. However, Sigurd Sigurdson woke the King and told him what was happening. King Sigurd then gathered men and prevented Harald from being hanged. Harald, "was very pleasing in intercourse, gay, and full of mirth; and so generous that he spared in nothing for the sake of his friends. He willingly listened to good advice, so that he allowed others to consult with him and give counsel. (Saga of Magnus the Blind and Harald Gille) In Spring, 1134, Magnus began gathering troops to fight Harald. When Harald heard what Magnus was doing, he also gathered men. Each of them killed cattle, and sometimes people, on farms belonging to the allies of the other one. On the evening of August 9, 1134, Magnus arrived at Fors, in Ranrike, with an army of 6,000 men. Harald was already there, but only had an army of 1,500 men. Thus, Magnus' men surrounded Harald's at the Battle of Fyrileif and won the battle. However, Harald and some of his men escaped to Denmark. King Eirik of Denmark received Harald gladly, because they were sworn brothers. Eirik gave Halland to Harald to rule. However, that winter, Harald landed at Konungahella and the bondes submitted to him. He then proceeded to take Viken and Sarpsborg. He killed Magnus' men wherever he found them and plundered their property. Then Harald went on to Tunsberg. When Magnus heard of this, he would not follow counsel to either negotiate a peace or prepare for battle, as best he could. Instead, he waited in Bergen. Harald arrived, in Bergen, on Christmas Eve, but would not fight then. Harald attacked on the last day of Christmas. Magnus was captured. He was handed over to Harald's slaves, who: put out both his eyes, cut off one of his feet, and castrated him. Harald sought for Magnus' treasures. He thought the Bishop of Stavanger would know where they were. The Bishop claimed that he did not know. So, Harald fined him fifteen marks. The bishop said he would rather die than impoverish the diocese that much. So, Harald had the bishop hanged. This deed was widely condemned. In August, 1136, an army of Vindlanders attacked Konungahella. They sacked and burnt the town. Two lendermen came with 600 men. However, one of them named Sigurd Gyrdson turned back with 400 men. The other lenderman named Sigard proceeded with 200 men and they were all killed. The Vindlanders then convinced the castle defenders to surrender after they had run out of arrows, spears, and stones. However, the Vindlanders broke their promise to let the people go free. Instead, they killed or enslaved almost everyone. They then destroyed the castle and took most of the holy relics that King Sigurd had brought from the Holy Land. Konungahella has never regained its former prominence. Death note: When Sigurd Slimbidjakn returned to Norway, he asked Harald to acknowledge him as his brother. Harald said he would think about it. Harald then accused Sigurd of the murder of his friend Thorkel Fostre Sumarlidason. Afterward, some of Harald's men took Sigurd out on a ship. Sigurd thought they were going to kill him, so he jumped overboard. He made his way to land and fled to the mountains. On December 13, 1136, some of Harald's men found out where he would be sleeping that night. They then betrayed him by telling Sigurd where he could catch Harald by surprise. That night, Sigurd and his accomplices burst into the house where Harald was sleeping, with Thora, and killed him. ruled Norway from 1130-1136. !NAME:Royal and Noble Genealogy, Royal and Noble Genealogy, Tompsett, Brian !DEATH:VendelboNAH .ged, VendelboNAH .ged !GENERAL:VendelboNAH .ged, VendelboNAH .ged

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